"Best money I've ever spent! Corey is quick and efficient and very easy to work with. She has meticulous eye for detail! Her systems work wonders and even if you think you are organized...she would have ideas and implimentations that would surprise you! 

Thank you so much, Organize My Space." Lindsey, Kelowna

"The services that Corey provided for me were great!  I felt she understood as to what I was needing, and felt comfortable with her right away.  The time we spent together in getting my filing system reorganized into a new cabinet was very beneficial.  With her suggestions, we were able to minimize my paperwork as she was very knowledgeable in what to keep and what to recycle.  She is a very compassionate, kind, and patient person who made this journey for me not seem so overwhelming.  I would recommend her for any organizing job as she takes the time to listen and hear you, and work with you to accomplish your goal." Karen, Enderby

"As homeowners Corey’s work in getting our house ready to show has made a significant difference to our confidence. Before Corey’s input, getting our house for sale was daunting. Corey skillfully smoothed the process. Corey de-cluttered the counter spaces, color coordinated items with the bedspreads and the furniture in the rooms, she shopped for fresh flowers and did wonderful flower arrangements for every room. She removed unattractive items and left modern and sophisticated ones for better impression of prospective buyers. Everything was done professionally and in a kind way, as home owners we did not feel intimated in any way of these changes done to our home. Working with Corey was a pleasure. And we will absolutely recommend her services to our friends."  Mini  &  Eric, West Kelowna

"I cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with Corey!  A year after moving into my first home, I still couldn’t find the motivation to unpack and organize my loft/craft space, and it had quickly become a dumping ground for clutter.  A friend referred me to Corey and after the consultation I was convinced.  She worked tirelessly with me until the whole loft was sorted out!  She even organized my ‘donate’ and ‘throw away’ piles so I could easily get them out of the house.  Now my crafting/loft space is completely tidy and organized, and months later there’s still not a thing out of place.  Not only is she talented and efficient, she’s an absolute pleasure to spend the day with!  If you find yourself facing a big job and not knowing where to start, call Corey! She’ll tackle it head on and guide you through.  Easily the best decision I’ve made in a long time! 

I can’t thank you enough, Corey!!" Laura, Kelowna

"I saw a business card for Organize My Space and I started to think that may be a huge help for me. Organizing and making my home and office easier to find and clean by decluttering is ALWAYS in the back of my head. I make plans to tackle an area, try and feel defeated when I can't get the job done or it's only partly done. I get side tracked and just can't seem to finish. Corey came over, did a free estimate/review and I booked her. I am now hooked as the results have been amazing! I thought I would only need help for my office and closets as those are the areas where I was most concerned about. Once I saw the impact of the changes there, I booked her again and we have done laundry, kitchen, pantry, and our home base (junk drawers, etc.). I have to tell you, it is invaluable the help that Corey has been to us. Corey is really incredible. She is warm and supportive and helps keep the job on track so that an area gets completed. The results for me have been huge. My family area also very happy with the changes. Much easier to keep the house clean and items are easier to put away as everything has a spot and easy to see and find with so much less clutter. Even just moving items creates space you didn't think you had. It's not about getting rid of stuff necessarily.

I highly recommend Corey. Try her, you will see what I mean." Sincerely, Lisa, Kelowna

"My daughter has been able to keep her room neat and tidy and everything in it's place for a whole week! I cannot thank you enough!" Becky, Kelowna

"Thank you so much Corey for helping me organize my home. It's been a pleasure working with you, you're a rockstar for sure!" Donna, Kelowna 

"Corey listened to my ideas and encouraged me to figure out my "style". From there she sourced and found things that I didn't even know I needed! She organized a jumble of papers I just could not get around to organizing and now my business and clients have access to resources because I can find things quickly and easily. It seems so unimportant until you do it, something we put off, but having someone help you get things in their place brings a sense of peace to a space and how you use it. On top of her skills, Corey is passionate about helping people and I cannot recommend her more highly for business or home." Irene, Kelowna

“The services provided by Organize My Space were so helpful as we moved into our new place and were overwhelmed with unpacking and growing piles of clutter. Corey was very flexible and practical and tailored solutions to meet our needs. I would highly recommend her services!” Erin, Kelowna

“Corey was a great help for me with my parents’ kitchen. She was very pleasant and fun to interact with, as well as efficient. Her passion for organizing is contagious, you can feel that she genuinely enjoys sharing her expertise and savvy organizational skills. Additionally, her rates were quite reasonable and affordable, especially for all the work she completed. Thank you Corey!” Anne, West Kelowna

"I hired Organize My Space for a rather large project and everything was done to perfection, very quickly and with impeccable communication skills. I cannot recommend this company enough!" Laura, East Kelowna

"I feel so lucky to have met Corey.  She is a bright light full of warmth & kindness.
When I first met with Corey and explained what I was looking for it was beyond just an organizational project but she jumped in with both feet and took on this project with enthusiasm & professionalism.  She was able to connect me with the right people to complete the project & her follow up was amazing.  She kept me on track & offered great ideas for the space & my family! Since the project has been completed, we have been able to keep everything organized and neat.  Everything has a place and even my 6 year old can stay organized! Thank you Corey, you have made me feel more relaxed in my own home.  I highly recommend Corey & Organize My Space." Becky, Kelowna 

"Oh my goodness, Corey helped us organize our office and it's like a brand new room! I was actually shocked at what she helped us do in two hours. Can't wait to have her back to help with other rooms! " Danielle, Glenmore

"When I asked my son-in-law to suggest a gift that might help the family prepare for baby number 2, he responded, “a professional organizer”! That’s when I contacted Corey Anderson. My daughter, son-in-law and four year old grandson loved working with Corey  to optimize their living space. They told me how easy she was to work with and how much they appreciated her expertise. When baby arrived, there were functional spaces suited for life with a newborn. Since then, Corey has worked with other family members as well, to transform their living spaces. Corey is trustworthy, professional and has a kind heart! Our whole family  recommends her!" Judith, Kelowna

"Corey made the trek to the Joe Rich and worked her magic! We had SO MUCH FUN (If you can believe it) rearranging my bedroom, moving out the clutter, making more space in my closet and helping me decide what to keep and what to let go of. I’m totally jazzed to have Corey back in a few weeks and we’re gonna tackle the entry way, closet and maximize storage space! So worth the investment, if there are projects in your home that you’ve been avoiding, do yourself the service and call Corey! It’s easy and painless! " Lindsay, Joe Rich

"We are immensely happy with our laundry room and especially the office space. We are keeping things tidy and really enjoy coming home again. Thank you so much! We have even both gone through all of our clothes and purged whatever doesn't spark joy or fit us. I even moved my closet to the top of the stairs. We still have to tackle our kitchen table and the upstairs room but we are constantly moving forward. Thanks for the inspiration!" Erin, Enderby

"Corey came into my life at a time I didn't realize how much I needed her. After a separation and some much needed purging she came in warm, friendly, and easy going. Taking pride in her business with confidentiality, efficiency, creativity and positivity. We collaborated well together we did every room in our home and my girls loved her too they wanted her to move in! It's been a wonderful transformation with all our hard work we are in love with our home again! And out of it all I gained a real friend! With gratitude, appreciation and thanks Corey." LaDean, Kelowna

"I had the pleasure of photographing the amazingly talented Professional Organizer, Corey Anderson of Organize My Space. Then I hired her to help me get control of my house. Best decision I ever made! It's been a month and we are still organized and on track. Thanks so much Corey!" Nicole, Lakeview Heights

"I just had Corey do a virtual consult to stage my home for selling. She was amazing! Even though I pride myself on being organized and tidy she was able to see things that I couldn't that created the optics that ensure a higher value for our home. Thanks Corey!" Collette, Victoria 

"Corey from Organize My Space helped me declutter and organize a large storage space. It went from total chaos to a well organized space where I could easily find anything I might be looking for. She also helped me with many boxes of unorganized photos to neatly store them in a way that is easy for me to look at. Corey is very professional, friendly and so efficient and I would highly recommend her for any job big or small." Brenda, Kelowna

"Corey made my kitchen a workable space. She came completely prepared and showed me the basics of organizing and then took over when my other duties called (3 small children). I now feel good about my cupboards and can always find the lids for my Tupperware. I will definitely hire Corey again whenever I need a hand making sense of all our stuff." Haley, Kelowna

"Organizing our new home has been made SO easy and thanks to Corey from Organize My Space Kelowna. Having her professionalism do it right the first time has made the shift from condo to house so easy and I LOVE the way our home looks, feels and flows. I'm so glad I didn't have to do it all by myself. If your home needs a little organization TLC, Corey is the one to talk to!" Kaylin, Black Mountain

"Corey is amazing. I have had her in my home twice to help organize. And every time she does an amazing job. I am moving soon and will be having her help me reorganize. I know it will make the process better! Top notch! Always." Ross, Kelowna

"Loved working with Corey. She helped make my space SO much more enjoyable to be in. Will ABSOLUTELY use her again." Sara, Kelowna

"Corey was a joy to work with, and had lots of excellent ideas that helped me organize my kitchen beautifully. I will definitely be using her services in the future!" Rebecca, Glenmore

"Corey was absolutely fantastic. I had her come into my home and work on our tiny condo kitchen. Within just a few hours, everything now fits perfectly and we were given ideas on how to move forward to make it work even better!" Ashley, Kelowna

"I was nervous and embarrassed by the disorganization of my home. Corey arrived and put me at ease with her non-judgemental and professional approach. She calmed my fears with ideas and suggestions. In no time we were working quickly and effectively to transform my home. A weight was lifted off my shoulders and now I can relax and enjoy this “new” space. I couldn’t have done it without Corey’s encouragement and positive attitude. I strongly recommend her for all your organizational needs." Shirley, Kelowna

"We needed some help making our house feel like our home. We were struggling with figuring out colour schemes, how to decorate etc. Corey was very helpful and insightful. We had a short session with her and it was all we needed to be up and running on our own. We are very happy with the results!" Laura, Kelowna

"I moved into my basement suite in August of 2019 and, despite having all the room to organize from scratch, I still managed to do it poorly. This lead to my entire place constantly being messy and unworkable. One day in September of this year I was so fed up with how awful my place looked, I started looking into organizational services. I came across Corey, contacted her, and she came for a consult. I was so embarrassed with how everything was, but Corey looked at it and told me she was excited with how much potential my space had. Through 2.5 sessions, she helped me get through all the junk, recycle, and misplaced items I had laying around. Between sessions, she left me with a workable and livable space that didn't feel unfinished. With all the knowledge and experience she has, Corey helped me transform my space into something I could live with and was proud of. With her affordable prices, I could manage to get 12.5 hours as a full-time college student and part-time worker. If anyone is sick of living in a place that doesn't work for you, I can guarantee Corey can help you make it work. Thank you for everything Corey!!!" Megan, East Kelowna

"It was almost fun picking up the mail yesterday when I saw some bills and random statements; I now know exactly where to put them and can keep the kitchen counters less cluttered and daunting!! Thanks Corey!" Alana, Upper Mission

"Thank you Corey for doing a great job of organizing my laundry/pantry and bedroom closets. You were very organized and professional and I love the fact that I have a fresh new orderly outlook in those spaces. I will be sure to call you when I begin organizing my basement space! Thanks again. You did a great job!" Joanne, Crawford Estates

"For the past few years I wished I had a fairy godmother who could swoop in, wave a magical wand and clear out the clutter in my house. With three young children I felt overwhelmed with the clutter, toys and crafts that were overwhelming my home. Enter Corey! She is better than a fairy godmother, she is more like a trusted friend. She was so incredibly efficient and helpful in getting my space organized and within budget. Worth every $$ spent on the magic!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" Jennifer, Kettle Valley

"I was given aa GC for Christmas to have Corey come and help me organize a few spots in my home. Well lets just say we have been working together for 2 months! We organized and decluttered so many spaces in my house. Corey is just awesome at what she does. She makes it easy to declutter and lighten the load. I found the experience very motivating, inspiring and calming at the same time. Highly recommend her to help with any and all of your organizing needs. PS> who knew my fridge was so bright! That's what happens when you get rid of outdated food that was hiding the lights!" Linda Edgecombe, East Kelowna 

"Corey was a delight to work with. She's friendly and professional and was able to work around my schedule to really effectively and efficiently manage our timee, getting more done in less time than I ever could on my own. She has great insights and took into account all my wants and needs for my kids bedrooms and common spaces. Totally non judgemental and easy to talk to. It was like spring cleaning with a friend. Highly recommend if you're looking to declutter your space." Lexi, Rutland 

"Ive quickly learned that hiring Organize My Space to help me declutter is imperative to my self care and businesss well being. A decluttered space is a decluttered mind. A decluttered mind is an efficient achievement machine. All areas of my life have improved by gaining control of all the things thing things! Thanks Corey!" Nicole Richard, Wax Pencil Imagery

"Corey was awesome! Couldn't have done it without her help! Now I have a functional office I can keep organized! Thank you!" Cayley, Peachland

"I absolutely love Corey. Not only is she an amazing organizer, she is a great person too! She has helped me get my house organized. I have so many systems that work in place now. I have completed eradicated my paper clutter. Highly recommend Organize My Space! Jessica, West Kelowna

"Corey got my areas organized beautifully! She's so lovely to deal with and absolutely knows what she's doing! Highly recommend her. " Mary-Ann, Glenmore

"An absolute delight to work with! We are reasonably organized and Corey just took us to the next level and gave us some inspiring ideas to move forward with. I highly recommend!" Nicole, Upper Mission

"Thank you so much for everything!! We could not have achieved all of this without you. It's made a huge difference to my sense of calm and joy around the house." Rebecca, Kelowna

"We (especially me) are really enjoying the new kitchen! I really appreciated your focus, experience and work ethic in getting the job done. You work hard and definitely know what you are doing, what your goal is and how to achieve it. You are a diligent worker and I really appreciated your effort on our behalf. The kitchen is sooo much easier to navigate. Having fewer items and a more organized space is making my efforts in the kitchen so much more enjoyable." Ruth, Kelowna

"We worked with Corey from Organize My Space. We were very pleased with her services. She helped make our condominium liveable again. She was on time, pleasant to work with, flexible and patient. She came up with creative ideas for our place and her fees were very fair and honest. I highly recommend Corey if you have some space needing to be reorganized." Kathleen, West Kelowna

"Corey was so wonderful to work with. She was able to help me declutter several spaces and organize systems that I could easliy keep neat. Part counsellor and organizer is how I view Corey's help. She was able to help with the emotional sentiments of stuff and narrow it down to what really mattered. She was efficient and fun! Thank you Corey for helping me move forward. I look forward to doing more together." Sandi, Kelowna

"I initially contacted Corey regarding organizing our pantry. I was so impressed with the results that we decided to get her to organize our entire house. I am beyond ecstatic with the results of Corey's work. Corey its highly professional, meticulous, creative and trustworthy. Her ability to utilize spaces in not only the best efficient manner but also in an amazingly stylish and decorative way. I have not doubt that I will use Corey's skills and amazing service in the future." Noa, West Kelowna

"Corey took me from chaos to calm and we had fun doing it! Before Corey came along I didn't know where to start, and I always had an excuse or a distraction to derail me. What we accomplished in one day was amazing and I felt so much better at the end of the day. She helped me turn my room of clutter into a calm and peaceful home office. I knew I wanted to work with Corey from our first interaction. She is warm, caring and non-judgemental. I can't wait to start my next project with Corey this Spring." Sandy

"Corey did a fantastic job re-organizing Forbidden Spirit's head office and getting us ready for the next stage in our growth plans - thanks again Corey!" Blair, Forbidden Spirits

"Corey is amazing to work with! She re-organized our kitchen and office so that it's clutter free and far more functional. Looking forward to working on my closet in the future too! She's very professional, friendly and her cleaning and covid protocols really reassured us too. Highly recommend her services to everyone!" Sam, West Kelowna