Decluttering Your Brain

Declutter your brain

Good morning :)

Recently on Instagram I shared a small post on something that helps me to stay organized both daily, weekly and monthly. I call it brain decluttering. There are so many things to think, family, home, fitness, all of the things on our to do lists. It's an endless thought process going on inside our brains. Once in awhile it gets to be too much and we have to get it out of our brain and down on paper. Anyone can do this, and there is no correct method.....but I promise you, once you do, you will feel so much lighter. You will be able to think more clearly and focus on what needs to be done.

1) Grab a notebook. I'm a writer, so I need to write things down. If you are more of a technology person, perhaps your brain declutter could be done by voice memo. Whatever works for you. I have a thing about pretty notebooks. Mine has to look nice :)

2) Start by writing everything down as it comes into your head. Don't worry about how it looks, it could look like total nonsense. (You can fix this later.) The point is to just get everything down on paper as soon as the thoughts pop into your head. You can also add to it later as you remember things.

3) Once you've done a good "dump"....slowly start to break things down into categories. For me, it's a work list (my business) and then my home and family list and then my goals (health, fitness) and then my ideas. So I'm going to have four lists in total.

4) Take things from your large list and break them down into your categories. As you do this, things should start to feel much more clear and light. Plus you may see things on your list that are less important than others, and you can prioritize things much better.

5) Try to post your lists somewhere you can see them. I post my lists on pretty clip boards above my desk. When I complete something on my list, I can cross it off or check it off. And I don't know about you, but isn't that the best feeling in the world?

Once you have learned how to do a brain declutter, I suggest this is something you do daily and weekly. Sunday evening before your busy week is a great place to start. What a great way to organize your thoughts for the week and get things going in the right direction.

One more small tip:

Right before I fall asleep, I get all of these thoughts of things I need to do, or sometimes even great ideas. I keep a small notebook beside my bed so that I can jot these things down as they come to me.

This way, I am sure not to forget that important "tidbit" that flew through my head as I'm falling asleep!

I hope you enjoyed this!

Happy Organizing