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The Organized Organizer

Good morning and happy Wednesday :) I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day! Recently I was asked by one of my clients, am I organized in my own home?

I admit it, I am a pretty organized person. I enjoy tidy, clear spaces. But I wasn't always like this. As a young adult I was actually a "collector". In the 90's the trend was to have a lot of things displayed everywhere. Every inch covered with some knick knacky thing. Around 2000, I left Kelowna leaving behind the majority of my treasures in a storage unit. I brought with me only what I needed. Clothes, bedding, toiletries, and a few small treasures and of course, my TV :) I was paying room and board, so I didn't have the luxury of having all of my stuff. About a year later, I moved into a bachelor suite, so I brought all of my things out of storage. As I unpacked all of my "treasures" I realized that I no longer had an emotional connection with these things. I unpacked boxes and boxes of knick knacks and collectibles and when I laid them all out over my 500 ft. bachelor suite, I couldn't believe how much stuff I had accumulated. I got rid of all of it. I kept the things I needed, but all of the knick knacks went. I had a garage sale and what didn't sell, went to a charity.

As the years went on, I went through times where I would start collecting, but I always came back to the end result and ended up purging over again. Unless it served a purpose to me, did it bring me joy? Now when I shop, I stop and ask myself, do I really need this? What purpose will it serve in my home? Is it for beauty (display) will it be something I will use? Will I see this item in a garage sale or will I donate it a year from now?

So where am I at now? I am not a minimalist for sure, I do love to have some beautiful items on display. I love to decorate and my style is west coast, so I have lots of beautiful seashells and an oceany feel to my home. It is comfortable and cozy, but not sparse and very little clutter. I have my own organizational goals just like you. I always strive for a clean and organized space. It just makes me feel better, I can think and function with a clear head when my spaces are tidy 😀

Happy Organizing! Corey

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