Fall Organizing

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Can you believe it? Summer is almost over and school is just around the corner. It feels like only yesterday I was writing a post about organizing kids art/school work that came home at the end of the year!

Fall is a great time to get organized. Soon it will be time to put away the beach toys and pull out the sweaters. I am always a little sad at the end of the summer, but I am also looking forward to the chilly air and cozying up :)

Just a few short tips in getting organized for the fall:

1) Now is a good time to go through all your summer things and purge what you didn't use this summer. Make a things to donate pile and a things to get organized pile. Clean anything that you are putting away, including the bins or baskets you are storing them in.

2) Go through your clothes and like above, purge anything you didn't wear this summer. If you didn't wear it this summer, it is very unlikely you will wear it in a year from now.

3) Give all your closets and drawers a clean out before putting things away. It's good to start fresh in the Fall as well.

4) Last but not least, if you are donating any kids clothes, toys, car seats, cribs, etc. Please consider using the charity Mamas for Mamashttps://www.mamasformamas.ca/ They are a non-profit organization in Kelowna who help Moms in need of items. Call ahead to arrange your donation and they will be glad to help.

Happy Organizing! Corey