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An Organized Road Trip

How To Stay Organized In The Car

Well, here we are already into August. Where did July go? Some of you may be still planning on heading out of town. Here are some tips on how to organize your trip and stay organized while you are travelling:

1) Start by making 3 lists:

a) Things that need to be done at home before your trip b) Items to pack with you c) A car checklist

2) Your home checklist should include: who will look after your plants, will they need a key? Does someone need to take out your garbage bins, will someone be checking on your house. Does someone in your family know where to locate all your important family papers? ( I will discuss family binders in a future post )

3) Your items to pack with you should include a list for each person in the family. It seems tedious, but believe me, it will pay off in the long run. I keep a pen and post it pad upstairs in my room, so that when I think of something to add, I can jot it down quickly.

4) The car checklist should include giving the car a thorough clean ( no one wants to travel in a dirty car) checking all the fluids, car insurance is up to date, a full tank of gas and any emergency items you may need (jumper cables, etc.)

5) Pack your vehicle in a way that will work for travelling. For example, if you are bringing a cooler with food to eat on your trip, ensure the cooler is easy to access and not buried under suitcases. Or pack a cooler bag filled with sandwiches, cold water, juices, cut vegetables and fruit. Put dry snacks in a cloth grocery bag. Place both of these bags easy to reach for the trip. And always keep a supply of wet wipes handy!

6) For the little ones - ensure they have enough activities to fill the time. This includes DVDs (if you have a DVD player) car games, small toys, etc. Have a small plastic bin from the Dollar Store that is easily accessed, but secured in place. Put child's water bottle, DVD's, snacks, small toys and wet wipes in the bin. Make sure that pillows and blankets are close at hand for naps. And don't forget Teddy!

I hope these tips will help your next trip be a smooth and enjoyable one! I would love to hear about your ways to stay organized in the car :) Send me a post!

Corey, Organize My Space

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