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Kid's clutter making you crazy?

Happy Friday! Another beautiful weekend in the Okanagan and the smoke is starting to clear!

This article is made especially for the little ones in your life! :)

Now that children are on summer break, I am sure you are finding yourself surrounded with toys, games and kid paraphernalia.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping children's toys organized:

1) Keep toys at bay in living rooms and kitchens with beautiful baskets and/or bins. Choose baskets that compliment your decor. Winners, HomeSense and Walmart have beautiful baskets at a reasonable price that can be incorporated into your style. Baskets can be added to the bottoms of bookshelves and cabinets to store toys and games.

2) Try to highlight children's art and crafts into your decor. You can display beautifully painted canvases and painted rocks on windowsills. This adds a playful touch and your children will feel proud about the treasures they have added.

3) Children's room should allow storage for books, toys and craft supplies. Bookshelves are great for storing a combination of all the above. Look at your local dollar store for plastic bins and baskets. Organize and sort toys by category (i.e. superheroes, cars, balls, dolls, teddys, etc.) Label bins so that clean up time is easier.

4) If you plan to do some purging in your children's spaces, ensure they are involved in the process. It is much easier for your child to decide to give away a toy that he/she is done with, then to be looking for it later. Ask your child which charity they want to donate to and ensure they come along to see that the toys are going to a good home.

5) If your children are crafty, create a craft space that allows them to make masterpieces. Carve out an area in the corner of the living room, bedroom or playroom. Add a craft table or desk with supplies organized into categories. Look at dollar stores for creative and fun ways to store supplies (plant pots, metal tins, tall baskets, glass jars) I like to use David's tea tins to organize my son's supplies :)

Have fun and happy organizing!!


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