Daily Papers Out of Control

Good morning! Even as an organizer, my daily papers can get out of hand. Its having a system in place that helps me to stay on top of paying bills, and keeping papers and receipts in their place. Here is my system to stay organized......

1) Lay everything out on a clean, flat surface

2) Sort all papers into categories (bills, receipts, etc)

3) I use a desktop hanging folder for daily papers (bills to be paid, things that are ongoing, etc.)

4) I file receipts in an accordion file (purchased from the Dollar store) at the end of each year, I go through these and shred what is no longer needed

5) Corral crayons, markers, craft supplies in attractive containers within easy reach. (containers from the Dollar store)

6) Another accordion file (a smaller version) separates and organizes stickers which are used frequently in our house

7) We don't have a large dedicated space for office and craft supplies, so I made a space on top of our filing cabinet. Easy to access, but tucked out of the way.

And voila! Thats how I stay organized!

I also have a daily planner to write down appointments and daily lists. This helps me to stay on top of all my daily to do's!

I hope this was helpful! Enjoy your day😀

Corey www.organizemyspace.ca

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