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Back to School - Command Centers

Hello everyone, happy Wednesday! :)

With school starting next week (or for some of you, this week) school command centers are a huge help......this is something you can DIY.....or give me a call and we can discuss what you need!

Here's some ideas on how to get started on a command center for your family:

1) Assess your space and what are your needs. Do you need hooks for backpacks, shelves for baskets, a bulletin board with a calendar, a spot for pet items, a bench?

2) Take measurements of your space and decide on the type of system you want to install.

3) Research systems from home stores such as Jysk, Walmart, Canadian Tire and Home Depot. Look at decorating and organizing magazines to get ideas of the look you want to achieve.

4) Install your system and be more organized than ever! :)

I have attached some inspiration photos from pinterest of entry way command centers to help you get started.

Happy Organizing! Corey

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